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"iPad data recovery works so fast. It took less than 5 minutes for me to recover lost iPad notes. Thank u so much!"
travor from the United States | April. 09, 2014
Easy to use
"The UI is pretty nice and easy to understand. One thing I want to say is that it loaded my backup files automatically. Really saves time."
Archae0 from Australia | March 02, 2014
Works well
"Works well. Easy to configure!"
gurnx from the United States | February 19, 2014
A must-have tool
"With the "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode, I got back all photos took during my camping. I couldn't believe that the recovery took only a short time. Thank you so much, iPad data recovery."
Markton from Canada | February 03, 2014
Easy for novice
"I didn't expect to get back my missing text messages cause the messages were deleted after iOS update and I do not have an iPad backup on my Macbook Air. Surprising as it is, this tool just brings all the text messages back. Thanks a lot! "
ekdikeo from the United States | January 08, 2014
It's a good app
"It's a good app for my iPad with retina display. Got back a lot of pictures, notes and other files with this tool. "
magel_80 from UK | Dember 14, 2013
Small but powerful
"The program only takes a small space on Mac, however it could restore so many files from my iTunes backup file even without my iPad. I think all my friend with iPad should get a piece of software like this one."
Demon from the the United States | August 05, 2013
I tried and succeed
"The preview function is perfect! I found deleted files during previewing. It feels so great to have my missing files back."
Guttontag from Germany | June 02, 2013
One of the best apps out there
"Instantly restored my iPad data. recovered almost everything on my ipad: contacts, images, bookmarks, only to name a few."
Straitsaltsman from the United States | May 27, 2013
"Not much I can say. It works great."
cyrillic from New Zealand | May 18, 2013
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iPad Data Rcovery for Mac
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iPad data recovery works so fast. It took less than 5 minutes for me to recover lost iPad notes. Thank u so much!

- travor from United States

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