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LG G2 Data Recovery

Recover Deleted, Lost Data on LG G2 within Minutes

Oct. 22, 2013 10:25 am / Posted by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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lg g2 data recovery

While the public's attention has been captured by Apple and Samsung, LG unveiled its blockbuster mobile phone LG G2 – huge 5.2-inch Full HD, powerful quad-core 2.2GHZ processor, and 13-megapixel camera. During using your versatile LG G2, data loss is inevitable and it may happen earlier and later. You do need to find a data recovery tool for LG G2.

Why Did You Lose Data on LG G2?

This article covers on the LG G2 data loss scenarios like:

Which can Help to Perform Data Recovery for LG G2?

Since LG G2 has no microSD card slot for expansion and all the data stored on its internal memory, you can't utilize SD card data recovery software on the market. Android Data Recovery is one of the few tools that can perform LG G2 data recovery. It can help you recover contacts, photos, videos, text messages and call history on both internal memory and SD card for LG G2 and other Android phones and tablets.

How to Recover Deleted, Lost Contacts, Photos, and Others from LG G2?

Download, install and launch Android Data Recovery firstly. Make sure your LG G2 is rooted. Refer this article to learn how to root your phone.

Free Download Android Data Recovery:
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How to Prevent Data Loss on LG G2?

It should go without saying, but you are backing up your LG G2 (and all your contacts, photos, media, and data) regularly, aren't you? Whether you back up to a local PC, to a cloud-based service, or using some other scheme, regularly saving your data to a secure location is the best protection in the event you lose data on your LG G2.

If you lost data before you lost them, use Android Data Recovery to get them back. It doesn't let you down.

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