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Flash Android ROMs

How to Flash a Custom ROM on Android Phone and Tablet

Oct. 14, 2014 11:34 am / Updated by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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Android is great, but sometimes, the version you get with your phone leaves a bit to be desired. For the purpose of an better Android experience, you can install a new version of Android (or ROM).

What is a Custom ROM?

"ROM" stands for "read-only memory." A custom ROM replaces your device's Android operating system — normally stored in read-only memory — with a new version of the Android operating system. Custom ROMs are different from acquiring root access.

5 Reasons to Install a Custom Android ROM

There are several reasons why you should use Custom ROM instead of the Stock ROM created by Google.

3 Reasons not to Flash a Custom Android ROM

Custom ROMs aren't prefect and they have downsides.

Things You should Know before Flashing:

There are certain guidelines you should take care of before you start flashing custom ROM on y our device.

How to Flash a Custom ROM to your Android Phone and Tablet

Here are the steps at a glance.

1. Install ROM Manager App

ROM Manager is the best known app to manage ROMs. It can use ClockworkMode Recovery for fast and clean recovery, install ROMs directly from your SD card, download ROM through the app and backup and restore ROMs. Just go the Google Play to install it.

Before you use it, you should root your device firstly.

ROM Manager also requires ClockworkMode Recovery. You can tap "recovery setup". Select your "ClockworkMod".

flash rom android

2. Backup Data

Before you ever make a big change to your system—is back it up. Under the back-up and restore section of ROM Manager, tap "Backup Current ROM", and enter a title for the back up and tap "ok".

flash new rom on android phone

3. Download the ROM

ROM Manager can download the ROM image compatible with your phone straight from it, since each ROM you find will be based on a specific Android version.

4. Flash ROM

Installing new firmware or low-level system software is called flashing. That's how to flash the new custom ROM over the stock one that came with your phone.

5. Wanna go back? Restore it

If you're not happy with the new ROM, you can immediately restore your backup by selecting "back-up and restore".

Getting the custom ROMs installed on your device is by far the best way to enjoy something on your device that you haven't had before. Wish you enjoy the greatness that Android has to offer!

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