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Recover Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy S7 after Rooting

How to Recover Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy S7 after Rooting

September 21, 2016 02:33 pm / Updated by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S7 brings a lot of benefits. A rooted Android device support for themes and allows everything to be changed visually like the color of the battery icon and the boot animation; also it provides you with full kernel and application control, etc. That is, you gain more rights to your Samsung phone. However, a failed root would bring a disaster that your precious personal information, like Photo, Message, Contacts and Note get lost after that. Are those files gone forever? Absolutely not. Android Data Recovery gives you the ultimate solution on how to recover lost data from rooted Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S5/S4/S3/Note2.

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Guide on How to Get Back Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy S7 after Rooting (Or Not)

Step1. Launch Android Data Recovery and connect your rooted Samsung Galaxy S7 to PC with a USB cable.

(Note: If you haven't installed the USB driver, which runs later, then the system would install it for you. But if it doesn't appear, you can install Android USB driver manually. Also, please do not run any Android phone management software during the recovery process.)
connect android phone to pc

Step2. Turn on USB storage by tapping "OK" in your Samsung Galaxy S7.

turn on usb storage

Then enable the USB debugging.

enable usb debugging

Step3. Install USB Driver. (Commonly Android Data Recovery will automatically install it for you.)

 install usb driver

Step4. Once PC detects your device, click "Allow" on your Android device >> Select the file type you want to scan >> Preview and recover lost data.

 recover the lost data Samsung

For contact, text messages, call history, photos and videos, please feel free to export them to your computer and save. It's done. Quite easy to retrieve lost data from samsung devices, right?

More about Rooting

Rooting is jailbreaking for Androids, allowing users to explore more on a phone's sub-system. You can access the whole operating system and customize anything on your Android. So more apps can be run, firmware replacement is also available.

You need to note that some potential cons also come along. After many attempts of rooting, your phone software would be damaged in some way. Also unknowingly install malicious software on rooted device is risky.

If you want to root your device, keep in mind that the more recent your device is, the harder it may be to root it. What's more, method for rooting device is specific and complicated, so think twice before you root your Android device next time.

Above are some tips and method on how to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S7 after rooting. For more, you can visit the official website. If you still have any questions, please leave it on the comment section below. Thank you!

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