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How to Recover Lost Data from LG Phone?

Aug. 19, 2013 1:09 pm / Updated by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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No matter you are using the newest LG G3 or the classic model, there will always exist a usage problem. What if you mistakenly deleted some important contacts, photos or videos from your phone and you want it back? What if you accidentally formatted your memory card and all the files are gone? Don't worry about you never getting your files back, because there is something we can do to recover the lost data from your LG phone with Android Data Recovery.

Why Recovering Files from LG Phone is Possible?

 lg phone data recoveryThe LG phone uses SD card, miniSD card and such to store users' data. When you deleted the data stored on the memory card, the space of the deleted data won't be immediately filled, and it will be unreadable and thus used to store new files. As long as the space was not overwritten, there is still hope you could recover the data from your card.

So, the first thing you should do when you find yourself deleted some files that you wish to keep is stop using your phone to avoid space overwritten.

Then, follow the guide below to recover lost data from LG phone.

How to Recover Lost Photos, Videos, Songs from LG Phone?

Since our readers might be using Windows or Mac, the guide will be in two parts, one for Windows users and one for Mac users.

Part 1: Recover Lost Data from LG Phone in Windows

First of all, you need to download data recovery software to help you do the job. I recommend Android Data Recovery, it's fast, easy to use, and can recover contacts, text messages, call history, photos and videos on your LG phone.

Free Trial of Data Recovery for LG Phone

Free Download Android Data Recovery:
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By now you should got your lost files all recovered, and you can transfer your files to wherever you want.

Part 2: Recover Lost Data from LG Phone on Mac OS X

Since you are using Mac, so the guide will be a little different from the one above, and you will be another software, Card Data Recovery for Mac which supports photos, videos, music and other documents.

Free Trial LG phone data recovery for Mac

Free Download Card Data Recovery for Mac:
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If you have followed the guide, then your data shall be back. If you are looking for a guide for a particular LG phone model, please read how to recover data from LG Optimus L7 II.

And for your information, here are some LG models you can recover damaged, corrupted photos and videos files from:

LG G3 LG G2 LG G Pro 2
LG Optimus L7 Nexus 4 LG Spectrum
LG Optimus L9 LG Optimus G LG Enlighten
LG Optimus L5 LG Optimus F LG Jil Sander
LG Optimus L3 LG Prada LG Connect

Get Android Data Recovery and Card Data Recovery Now

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