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Memory Card Error

How to Solve the Problem of "Memory Card Error"

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Practical cases of Memory Card Error:

Other common memory card error messages include "errors in memory card"; "uninitialized card"; "card error"; "write error/read error"; "a lack of memory card"; "the card that can't be used", and etc.

How to Recover Data Lost Caused by "Memory Card Error"?

Memory Card Error If you have important data on the card, stop doing anything on your camera's card (do not format the card or take any more photos), you have to recover data in memory card first. There are many tools can help you. For example: Card Data Recovery for Windows(for Windows Users) or Card Data Recovery for Mac(for Mac Users).

Free Download Card Data Recovery:
Download Windows Download Mac

Connect the digital camera to PC, and make sure iit can be detected by PC. Then use this memory card recovery software to scan your memory card and get back valuable data. Here is a detailed guide on how to recover data when appears memory card error for Windows users. For Mac users, the process is quite easy as well.

After retrieve the precious data, you can format the memory card by refering your camera manual. If the card can't be formatted, try other available memory card in your hand to see whether it has the same scenario. If the card does not display a “memory card error”, then the precious one is at fault. And you may have to buy other new card.

If the data in the memory card is dispensable, you can directly format it as the above stated.

Note: You had better replace the frequently and long-time used memory card with new one for all typical memory cards have a finite lifespan, approximately 10,000 write/erase operations.The older ones are easier to get error. Here is how to take care of memory card to avoid memory card error.

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