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HTC One M8 Data Recovery

How to Recover Lost Data on HTC One M8

May 6, 2014 09:15 am / Posted by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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htc one m8 data recovery

Baffled! All the Data on HTC One M8 Were Lost…

HTC One M8 is known as the almost-perfect phone for sumptuous body, brilliant 5-inch display, quad-core processor and depth-sensing camera. However, there are a few inevitable problems when using this super phone, such as data loss. You may lose data due to accidental deletion/formatting, rooting, flashing ROM, factory restore and so forth.

If you are the unlucky guy, make sure that don't use your HTC One M8 phone to take any new photos or videos, because the new data will overwrite the lost data permanently. Keep it as it was and find a HTC One M8 data recovery tool to rescue your lost data quickly.

Android Data Recovery is the best software that can help you. It can recover contacts, text messages, photos, videos and call history on HTC One M8 no matter why the data were lost. It also supports any other Android phones and tablets running Android Lollipop, 4.4 and newer, Android 3.0 to 4.3, Android 2.3 or earlier.

How to Recover Contacts, Photos, Text Messages and Other Files from HTC One M8

How to recover lost data on HTC One M8 is as easy as follows.

Note: Android Data Recovery is a Windows-based program. If you're using Mac OS X 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 and lower, go to Card Data Recovery for Mac and you can refer to how to recover HTC One M8 data on Mac.

Free Download Android Data Recovery and Card Data Recovery for Mac:
Download Windows Download Mac

How to Backup HTC One M8 to Prevent from Data Loss?

Worried that you might lose important stuff on HTC One M8? Back up HTC One M8 before you erase the storage, do a factory reset, or upgrade to a new phone.

Messages Back up your text messages to the storage on the phone, or save them as an email attachment.
  • Save contacts and other personal data to your online accounts so you can just sync them when switching to another phone.
  • If you have locally stored contacts in the People app, export them to the storage on the phone.
  • Manually copy and paste files by connecting HTC One M8 to your computer as a disk drive.
  • Upload files to online storage and services.
Other data
  • If you added new words to your personal dictionary in the onscreen keyboard, back up the dictionary to the storage or save it as an email attachment.
  • Check the other apps to see if they support exporting data to the storage.

If you didn't backup your data before losing data, use Android Data Recovery.

Get Android Data Recovery and Card Data Recovery Now

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