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How to Recover Memeory Card data on Mac OS

Card Data Recovery for Mac

How to Use Card Data Recovery for Mac

Accidently lost data from your Memory Card? Don't worry! Card Data Recovery for Mac will quickly and easily recover your photo, video, music files from portable media that is formatted, corrupted, and the media files you accidently deleted with two recovery modes. Just free download and install Mac Card Data Recovery on you Mac.

 (Note: Don't install it on the disk where you lost your data, in case you overwrite it).

Overall steps:

Step 1: Select Recovery Mode

Run Card Data Recovery for Mac. If you want to recover data from external device, connect your target device into your Mac. There are two recovery modes available for you to select.

Quick Recovery: Quickly recover files deleted by "Command + Delete" or emptied from Trash and data from formatted or corrupted partition.

Deep Recovery: Recover files with deep scan but taking more time than Quick Recovery mode. If you can't find the lost files with "Quick Recovery", use "Deep Recovery" instead.

recover photos from memory card on mac

Step 2. Select Target Drive and File Types

Regardless of which recovery mode you select, you need select the Target device which you want to recover your data, and then click "Scan".

Note: All file types are selected by default. And you can also select specific file types such as photos, videos, documents, etc.

recover data from android phone on mac

recover data from sd card on mac

Step 3. Preview and Select Wanted Files to Recover

After scanning, all you recoverable files will be listed by file type and format. Highlight the file to preview it on the right preview window and restore your wanted files by clicking "Recover".

recover videos from sd card on mac

Step 4: Select a Path to Save the Files

Select a directory to save your recovered files. It is highly recommended to save files to a different partition from the original one to avoid overwriting the lost files.

recover data from usb flash drive on mac

Following these four steps, you can easily recover photos, videos, music and other documents from Mac hard drives, external hard drive, USB drive, SD card, CF card, Memory sticks, digital camera, mobile phone etc.

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Card Data Recovery is really an amazing Mac tool. It just recovered all my files from the Mac hard drive. Thank you!

- Benjamin Rae from USA

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