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Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edges Abnormal Battery Drain

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Battery Drain Issues after Android Update

Aug. 21. 2015 03:14 am / Updated by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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The Android M and 5.1.1 Lollipop has been rolled out for Galaxy S6 (S6 Edge) and Galaxy S5 users. While this up-to-date operating system brings tons of fixes, some Samsung Galaxy S6 users have reported problems that plague them including Galaxy S6 (S6 Edge) battery drains fast after android update.

Let's see excerpts about the bad Samsung Galaxy S6 battery life on Android forum:

S6 battery life

"I have a T-Mobile S6 Edge and two weeks ago I got a message to upgrade the software to 5.1.1. Ever since then, my phones battery dies in 3-5 hours after a full 100% charge. I tried erasing my phone and reinstalling all the apps again and i sill have the same issue. Can i performa a downgrade to my previous version? Thank you. – wirelesspimp"

"For some reason after the 5.1.1 update on my T-mobile Galaxy S6 it was running hot and looking at the power consumption it was draining the battery quickly. It drained about 15% of the battery in less than an hour w/ nothing running in the background, and the battery usage is displaying 1% for everything for some reason."

As we know, battery life problems are one of the most common smartphone afflictions. Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is equipped with Quad HD display, Exynos 7 octa-core processor, but comes with a non-removable battery, so it is not surprising that the Galaxy S6 battery drains faster. Here we provide some widely used solutions to fix Galaxy S6/S6 Edge battery drain issue.

How to Fix Bad Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge Battery Life after Android Update

The causes result in faster battery drain issue is hard to address, however, you can improve battery life by using one or some of the follow tips.

Tip: These tips not only apply for fixing Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge battery drain issue, but also other smartphones like Galaxy S5, HTC M9, LG G4, Moto G Late running Android 6.0/5.1.1/5.0 or below.

List of solutions to solve the faster battery drain on Android phones:

Close the Apps Running In the Background
Turn off Unnecessary Services
Restart Your Device
Use Power Saving Mode
Use a Black Wallpaper
Disable Notifications
Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge

Close the Apps Running in the Background

This is the first and foremost step you can do. Lots of applications are running in the background even when you do not use them. These Apps eat up the battery life largely. Go to Galaxy S6 Settings and in the Battery session you can check what Apps have been using a lot of battery. Then you can force quit these applications or uninstall them completely.

S6 battery usage

Turn off Unnecessary Services

Disable the services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, location services, or even the cellular data when you are not in need of them. These services will slow down the device and take up battery usage somewhat. You can turn on these services in Quick Settings very easy when needed.

disable unnecessary services on S6

Restart Your Device

Restart the device is a regular step whenever we are facing any kind of performance, battery, or stuck issues before taking further actions. Hold the power button on the S6/S6 Edge/S5 and wait for it to turn off. This will clear the caches and reclaim battery usage.

Use Power Saving Mode

Many Samsung phones come with built-in battery saving features called Power Saving mode. In Samsung Galaxy S6 Setting, there are Power Saving and Ultra power saving modes.

Power saving limits the screen brightness and turn off vibration and do other small things to increase battery life; Well, the Ultra power saving will limit the number of usable apps, so it is usually enabled as the last resort to extend the battery life.

ultra power saving mode

Use a Black Wallpaper

We are likely to use a live wallpaper, but it sucks up battery life to some extent. If you want to slow down the battery usage, you may consider using a black wallpaper. Samsung phones do not come with a default black wallpaper, but it is not hard to find one online and download to your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

Then you can go to Settings > Personal > Wallpaper > From Gallery > choose the black wallpaper. Other phones like Galaxy S5 you can find the setup in Settings > Home and Lock Screens > More Images.

Disable Notifications

Whenever we install an App on the device, it is default set to push notifications. This is not only annoying but also a waste of data and battery. Therefore you can disable the push of notifications and allow receiving news from those you indeed care.

turn off notifications to extend battery ilfe

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge

This is the last resort you can have try before downgrading or sending to Samsung for replacement. To reset a device, go to Settings > Personal > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device.

Note: All data on your device will be wiped after factory reset. If you have no backup before proceeding, you can get back the lost Photos, Contacts, Messages and other data with an Android Data Recovery program.

That is all the tips you can try to help fix the abnormal battery usage. We will keep an eye on the future Android update and hope Samsung would not disappoint us.

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