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How to Recover Data from Wiped Android Phone and Tablet

How to Recover Files from Wiped Android Devices

Jan. 07, 2015 11:34 am / Updated by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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"Though I didn't often clean away unnecessary information on my Samsung Note 3, I was till shocked at what a mess it had become! So I wiped it by factory reset but only to find that I hadn't back up those important pictures or contacts! Is there any way to retrieve them back?"

The answer is definitely "YES"! But the precondition is to have trustworthy Android data recovery software at hand. And as far as I'm concerned, Android Data Recovery works perfect among multifarious software available on the market since it supports recovering wiped Android data without rooting.

It is specially designed to recover contacts, photos, messages, etc. from any Android devices which include the latest Samsung Note 4, MX 4, LG G3, Sony Xperia E3, Samsung GALAXY Tab S and LG G Tablet 8.3. And in the following, I'd like to tell you how to use it recover wiped Android data.

How to retrieve contacts/photos/videos/messages from wiped Android devices

First of all, you need to download this indispensable software to PC via the download button below and launch it after its installation.

Free Download Android Data Recovery:
Download Windows Download Mac

Note that Android Data Recovery only works on Windows operating system, but if you're Mac users, you can check how to recover lost data from Android on Mac.

Within minutes, your desired Android files will be saved on your PC. If you want to recover documents, Apps, emails, audios and more from your Android device, you can take a look at the Pro version of Android Data Recovery called Android Data Recovery Pro.

Optional: How to completely wipe your Android devices

As to the phenomenon that people choose factory reset to wipe their phones before selling, I'm afraid to say that it is not enough. And the following tricks would help to completely eliminate personal data on your Android device.

Trick 1: Encrypting your devices before factory reset

Navigate to Settings >> Security >> Encrypt phone to encrypt your device since it will scramble your data on the device. And even if you fail to fully delete the data, it wouldn't be that easy to unscramble the remaining data since a special key is required here.

how to wipe android device

Trick 2: Load dummy data after factory reset

After factory reset, you can load fake photos and contacts on your device to add another layer of protection. Namely, your data would be buried below the dummy content which would add difficulty for others who want to locate your data.

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