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Top 2 Ways to Transfer Photos Android Phone Memory To SD Card – 2017

Aug. 29, 2017 4:34 pm / Posted by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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Bought a new SD card and move pictures from Android to SD card to save phone storage? People like to take photos using their phone but with time, the memory will consumed, causing problems on your phone. Transferring photos Android phone memory to SD card is an easy way to save storage space on an Android phone. Here we share 2 easy ways for you to save photos to SD card on Android.

Method 1: Move Photos from Android to SD Card Directly on Your Phone

It is extremely easy to copy photos to SD card if you can locate the pictures on your phone that you want to transfer to your SD card. Normally, photos in Android phone are stored automatically in Apps > My Files > All Files > Device Storage > Pictures/DCIM/Music/Movies/etc .

Here is how you can transfer photos phone memory to SD card:

Method 2: Transfer Photos Android to SD Card Using A Computer

The easiest way is to move photos from Gallery to SD card is connecting your phone to your computer and then transferring the files over to your SD card.

Plug your phone into your computer using an USB cable and make sure you turned on USB storage on your device.

Extra Tip: How to Save Photos to SD Card on Android By Default

Bought a new memory card for your Android phone and want to change the photos to save on the SD card by default? Generally, when you insert the SD card into your phone and open Camera app, it will ask you if you wan to change the storage location to the SD card. Just click on OK.

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