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Top 5 Rooting Software For Android 2017

November 08, 2017 03:24 am / Updated by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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Want to install some incompatible apps or uninstall the useless software provided by manufactures on your Android phone? Or just seek for a new appearance for the settings and phone themes? All you need to do is rooting your Android tablets. Here we are going to introduce you some top-rated Android root tools to help you get root access to your Phones with or without computer easily.

Note: When a phone is rooted, it will lose the warranty of the manufacture. Also, if you root the device in a wrong way, it could become unresponsive or broken.

1. KingoRoot

KingoRoot can be the best android phone root software for both Windows PC and phones. You can select the way to root your Android devices, which is much convenient than other similar apps. According to the users’ feedback, the PC version has a higher success rate. Moreover, this program is also the best battery save app, which extends your Android battery life by closing background and auto-start apps.




You don’t know if your device is supported before starting the process.

2. Framaroot

Framaroot is one of the rooting apps that could root Android phone with one click. This software is totally free and support rooting any device without using computer. Some people try to download Framaroot in the Play Store, actually it’s not available. You can directly download it from the link above.




3. iRoot

iRoot also allows rooting your Android phone with computer or directly from the device. This program is secure and will never brick your device. It also comes with a broad compatibility, covering nearly all brands of Android devices, including Samaung, Google Pixel 8/7/Nexus , Sony Xperia Z 5/3/2/m4/XA etc




4. Superuser

Superuser is another popular rooting app for Android 8.0/7.0/6.0 users. This app is totally free and allows users to root phones without computer. It requires for a PIN whenever it encounters a root access, which enhances the security by a large margin. There are also many other features of this app, such as root access prompting, logging and notification.




5. SuperSU

SuperSU is also a well-known rooting app for Android phones. It helps to root your device and then offer you a choice to un-root it temporarily or completely. More amazing is, it works even your device is not properly booted.




Tip: If you lost all the data on your Android phone after rooting, try Android Data Recovery, professional data recovering software to get back your lost contacts, photos, messages, videos and other types of files quickly and efficiently.

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With the software introduced above, you have learnt how to root Android phone with/without PC clearly. If you have similar questions like how to root Android manually without any app, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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