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Common Reasons for Corruption of Memory Card

Common Reasons for Corruption of Memory Card

May 13, 2013 1:27 pm / Posted by Bobby Hills to Card Tips
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Corruption of memory card is a worrisome thing for many memory card users. As once your memory card is corrupted, you will loss all the data stored in your memory card. This article will analyze the common reasons for corruption of memory card and how to recover lost card data from the corrupted memory card.

memory card corruption

Common Reasons for Corruption of Memory Card

1. Abrupt removal of memory card from card reader or from camera

If you remove the memory card abruptly from the camera or from the card reader when you are accessing the files or at the time when your files are getting transferred to other multimedia storage device can lead to the corruption of the memory card. Moreover, the chances of data loss are very high under this type of memory card corruption issue.

2. Formatting of memory card

You may see one of the error messages like "Memory card not initialized" or "Format error" as soon as you access your camera. These error messages prompt you to format your memory card in order to avoid any kind of damage. Formatting can leads to the deletion of all the stored data from the memory card. Therefore, do not format your memory card in this type of situation as it reduces the chances of recovery.

3. Sudden power surge during copying process

If there is a sudden power failure at the time when your files are getting transferred then there is more probability that your card may get corrupted. Sudden power surge is responsible for affecting the synchronization between the memory card and your system due to which the copying process gets stuck in between. Moreover, due to power surge the files will get transferred into part by part resulting in the inaccessibility of the files.

4. Virus attack

If your memory card is infected by a virus then it is clear that your card has been corrupted. Virus is the most common factor responsible for corruption of memory card. Your card gets infected by a virus under some circumstances.

Besides the four common reasons for memory card corruption, there are also many other reasons such as capturing photos when the camera is low on battery, or shooting and deleting files rapidly when the card is full etc. Those all can cause memory card corruption.

How to Recover Your Lost Data from the Corrupted Memory Card?

Repair a damaged memory card can be a thorny and complicated but we can easily recover lost card data to minimize our losses. Below is a tutorial on how to recover lost card data with Card Data Recovery.

After talking about so much about the common reasons causing memory card corruption and how to recovery lost data from corrupted memory card, I hope this article will get you out of memory card corruption troubles.

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