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Many Thanks
I was almost dead in the water when I find I was not able to access my 8GB Micro SD card on my mobile phone. All the private and business data are on there. Thanks your great program, it helped recovered all the files including email attachments, work files photos, music and others. No word can express my great gratitude.
Amy from USA | April 13 2014
Thank You So Much
"OMG IT WORKED! I accidentally erased all photos from my memory card. With Card Data Recovery, I got all my photos back. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! "
Victoria from USA | April 01, 2014
"Card Data Recovery is really an amazing Mac tool. It just recovered all my files from the Mac hard drive. Thank you!"
Benjamin Rae from USA | March 7, 2014
Great Job!
I mistakenly formatted my SD card and lost all my vocation photos. Thankfully Card Data Recovery recovered my photos immediately.
Tracy from USA | February 3, 2014
Easy and effective! It is really a useful tool to recover data from memory card on Mac.
Tony from Canada | January 1, 2014
So easy to use!
With the three easy steps, I have all my lost photos, videos from the USB drive immediately.
Harry from UAS | December 28, 2013
It really does a great job in recovering lost data from memory card. If you have the same need, I high recommend you to have a try.
Juliana from Canada | Octber 23, 2013
I accidently deleted my wedding photo. I was so happy that Card Data Recover gets all them back! Thanks!!!
Rachel from Canada | July 20, 2013
Nothing can be happier than getting back all my photos and important files back from my hard drive now. Thanks for Card Data Recovery for Mac.
Emily from Canada July 15, 2013
Quick and Easy
Card Data Recovery for Mac really did a great job for it just recovered my deleted music from my MP3 easily and quickly.
Josh from USA July 10, 2013
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Card Data Rcovery for Mac
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Card Data Recovery is really an amazing Mac tool. It just recovered all my files from the Mac hard drive. Thank you!

- Benjamin Rae from USA

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