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Recover Photos, Videos from Samsung Galaxy Young

Recover Files Including Photos, Videos from Samsung Galaxy Young with Ease

Aug. 16, 2013 1:24 pm / Updated by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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how to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy Y

With Samsung Galaxy (s6310 or s5310) Y in hands, teens can take photos with their families and friends, record videos for a wonderful moment, enjoy music from the Internet etc. But what if you lost Samsung Galaxy Y photos or videos from for an accident deletion or formatting? Nothing can be more heartbreaking than losing all cherished memory from your Samsung Galaxy Y.

If unfortunately lost files, you need to recover deleted files in samsung Galaxy Y as soon as possible. Android Data Recovery for Windows can be a great assistance in helping you recover Samsung Galaxy Y photos, videos, contacts, text messages and call history. For Mac users, you can turn to Android Data Recovery for Mac to recover photos, videos, music and other files on Mac.

How to Recover Files from Samsung Galaxy Y?

Below I will show you how to recover photos from Samsung Galaxy Y in Windows. The same steps also apply to recover Samsung Galaxy Y videos. To recover photos, videos from Samsung Galaxy Y on Mac with Card Data Recovery for Mac, refer to this page.

Note: To recover files like photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy Y SD card, there is no need to root your phone. To recover contacts, call history and SMS, it's compulsive to root your smartphone.

Precautions for Losing Files from Samsung Galaxy Y

Losing files from Samsung Galaxy Y is always a heartbreaking thing, following part I list several precautions for losing data from Samsung Galaxy Y for your reference.

With the powerful Android Data Recovery, you can recover Samsung Galaxy Y deleted photos (Videos and other files as well) with ease. And to prevent a further losing data from your Samsung Galaxy Young, read the precautions carefully.

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