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Samsung Hard Drive Recovery

Two Methods to Recover Data from Samsung Hard Drive

Aug. 12, 2013 3:33 pm / Updated by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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Be worried about the lost data and urgent to recover data from Samsung hard drive? Looking for Samsung hard drive recovery tool? Here is the right place. The article below will show you how to recover Samsung hard drive data with two methods. Learn these methods and you will have no need to worry about losing precious photos, videos, songs or documents on your Samsung hard drive.

Method1. Retrieve lost data with Samsung hard drive backup

Samsung Hard Drive Recovery Data loss happens every day in digital life. Some are caused by virus attack, some by accidental deletion or human error like mistakenly click "format". These accidents also often happen among Samsung laptop users. If that happens, the first thing to do is stop storing new data to the hard disk in case the existed data will be overwritten. Then go to the "Backup and Restore center" to see whether you have a backup. If you do have a backup, restore backup to help you get back deleted data.

Method2. Recover data from Samsung hard drive with third party software

If you do not have backup, you have to use Samsung hard drive recovery software to help you recover the lost data. Card Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery tool that can recover photos, videos, audio and documents from hard disk. It performs successful data recovery on all of the Samsung hard drive models by using advanced recovery technology. .

You need only three steps to do the Samsung hard drive data recovery.

Samsung Hard Drive Recovery supports all the existing Samsung hard drives. Supported Samsung hard drive models includes: SV0802N, SV1203N, SV1604N, HA200JC, HA250JC, SP0411N ATA-133, SP0401N, SP0802N, SP0822N, SP1203N, SP1604N, SP0812N, SP1213N,HD642JJ 640GB SATA, HD642JI 640GB SATA, HD501IJ 500GB SATA, HD103UJ 1TB SATA, HD753LJ 750GB SATA, HD753LI 750GB SATA, HD752LJ 750GB SATA, HD502IJ 500GB SATA, HD502JI 500GB SATA ......

In addition Samsung Hard Drive Recovery tool not only enables you to do Samsung hard drive data recovery, but also helps to perform Samsung memory card data recovery, which means that you could recover photos from Samsung SD card, recover text message from Samsung laptop, and so on.

Tips for Using Samsung Hard Drive:

Samsung drives are very vulnerable to power overheating and power surges, making it easy to burn spindle driver chip on the electronics and make data inaccessible. In these cases, you need to ask professional man for help. Other cases like hard disk component failure, mechanical failure, drive physical abuse, power spike, etc are common. If one of these happens to your hard drive, you'd better go to the nearest store to repair it and recover previous data. Of course, if there is after-sale service, you can save a large amount of money as well as time.

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