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Android SD Card Data Recovery

The Easiest Way to Recover Lost Files from SD Card in Android Phone

Jan. 20, 2014 3:34 pm / Updated by Bobby Hills to Mobile Phone Tips
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 recover from android sd cardOnce you purchased your Android phone, to optimize your Android phone experience, it is suggested that you buy a micro SD card so you can store your data on it (if your Android phone has a card slot). By storing your files, like photos, videos, contacts, SMS messages or applications on the external storage, you can free the internal storage of your phone, thus to keep the android phone running fast and smooth. While during the usage of your Android device, have you ever mistakenly deleted photos or videos from your Android SD micro card, or got your SD card formatted? Whatever the scenario is, data loss could definitely be a headache. Then how do we solve the problem, and get our lost data back? Here I provide you the easiest way to recover lost files from SD card with Android Data Recovery.

First let me explain how a memory card works. When you deleted files from the card, the files will be hided from visibility, and the space of the files will be marked as available for use. The space will stay as it was until new data added in. So as long as you didn't overwrite the space with new added data, it is totally possible to recover data from the SD card.

So, if you are experience any data loss from your SD card, just stop using the card in case of any overwriting, and follow the instruction below to recover lost photos or other files from Android SD card.

Part 1: How to Recover Lost Photos, Videos and Files from Android SD Card

As mentioned before, deleted data can't be seen and thus can't be recovered under normal circumstances. In order to recover these files, third party utility that uses advanced algorithms must be applied, it is the easiest and the only way to recover your lost files. But there are so many tools to choose from, which one should you pick? I recommend Android Data Recovery, a very easy to use program that could recover almost all types of files easily and quickly.

Free Download Android Data Recovery:
Secure Download

Since you might be using Windows or Mac, this guide will provide both versions. Plus, when downloading Android Data Recovery, choose the right version.

Within 3 Steps, all files will be retrieved from your Android SD card, fast and easy:

For detailed instruction, click how to use Android SD Card Data Recovery. Just follow the instruction, and you shall recover all the files you lost.

Part 2: Tip on How to Repair Corrupted Android SD Card

Now, after talking about the most secure and easiest way to rescue your lost files, now let's discuss some tips that might be helpful to you. Well, in some cases, the micro SD card might just be corrupted or damaged. Here are common reasons for Android SD card corruption, see if you have ever encountered these.

So when your SD card gets corrupted or damaged, how do you repair it, or at least get the files back? Here provides a small tip that might work.

Note: This method only works with the card that got corrupted filesystem, not with those that got actual physical damage. And this method can POTENTIALLY mess things up even more so that data rescue software will not be able to do its job, though often it repairs the card quite well, please do NOT use this method as your first solution.

After all is done, the corrupted card should be usable and accessible, and your files back, too. If it doesn't work, please click how to recover files from Android corrupted card for a safer solution.

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