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SD Card won't Mount, How to Fix

How to Fix "SD card won't Mount" Issue on Android Device

Dec. 25, 2014 9:17 am / Posted by Bobby Hills to Memory Card Tips
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SD card won't mount to your Android phone?

When you connect your Android phone to the computer, you may see one of the following messages.

Reasons and Solutions for Unmounted SD Card

There is no one particular reason for unmounted SD card on Android device. It can be due to one or even more reasons as following:

For SD card issues: If your Android can't read your SD card, the problem could stem from the SD card itself, and not your handset. Your SD card might have been corrupt due to many reasons like improper usage, virus infection and many more. To make sure about this, connect your SD card in another handset, or use a reader to plug your SD card into a computer. If you are unable to locate the SD card using another handset or a computer, the SD card is faulty and will need replaced.

For hardware issues: Remove and reinstall the SD to make sure you have it correctly installed. If the SD card sticks out, or does not snap into place. If installed correctly, the SD card will fit under the metal cover, securely in the slot. Now, your SD card should get recognized.

For software issues: Issues with the operating system will also prevent your Android card from reading the SD card. There're 2 ways for your selection:

Precautionary measures for using SD card

To prevent SD card error again, you'd better take care of your Android SD card.

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