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Recover Data from SanDisk USB

Recover Photos, Videos and Files from SanDisk USB Drive

Apr. 3, 2013 9:13 am / Posted by Bobby Hills to Card Tips
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recover from sandisk usb drive

What to do when you run out of the space on your iPad, iPhone, HTC One or other device? Will you take the pains to delete some of the “less important” files off them? No need at all. Just try SanDisk USB drive, put the files you want to keep on it and you are good to go. It's fast, convenient and secure, especially with the well-received model SanDisk Cruzer and SanDisk Extreme. Now a problem arises, sometimes, during the usage of SanDisk USB drive, we might also make the mistake of accidentally deleting the photos, videos, documents and other files off the drive like we did on the phone. Then what to do to recover those deleted or formatted files from SanDisk USB drive? This article provides the right solution that you need.

Well, here is the first thing you should do when you found out you have suffered data loss for whatever reason, stop using your USB drive, don't try to recover the files by yourself, because you can never make it on your own. Luckily you can recover the file with third party utility, which mostly uses advanced algorithm to scan your drive to recover the files. Here I recommend the one called Card Data Recovery, which is a very quick, super easy to use program. And it is available in both Windows and Mac version, so make sure you choose the right one.

Part 1: Recover Photos, Videos and Files from SanDisk USB Drive on Windows

Using SanDisk USB Drive Data Recovery is very easy, just in case any confusion might come up, here are the steps for recovering files from SanDisk USB.

Free Trial of SanDisk USB Data Recovery

Free Download Card Data Recovery:
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Then all your photos, video, documents and other file will be back, make sure to keep them in a safe place, in case anything happens again.

Part 2: Recover Photos, Videos and Files from SanDisk USB Drive on Mac OS X

That should do it, your files are recovered. If you have a Kingston USB drive, then click on how to recover data from Kingston USB to learn how to recover deleted photos, videos and files from USB drive.

Tips:Sometimes SanDisk Cruzer USB drive couldn't be recognized on the Windows 7 system. That is because some software can't be compatible with it. Normally it could be Samsung Kies or HTC Service BOOM, or any other smartphone software.

Just type “msconfig” on Windows 7 Home and enter. Choose the tab “startup”, and uncheck Kies or HTC Service and restart your PC with your SanDisk still attached. Then everything should be fine.

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