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SD Card Error

Solutions for SD Card Error, SD Card Format

Aug. 17, 2013 8:18 am / Updated by Bobby Hills to Card Tips
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Accidently pops up “SD card error” when you turn on the camera? Or meet message like “SD card is not formatted, would you like to format now” while shooting?

SD cards are easy to get damaged and corrupted due to power shortage, or mistakenly removal of the SD cards while turning on/off your camera, saving or viewing photos or change your memory card when the camera is on. If that happens, in many cases, your camera will refuse to take any new pictures and fall into a locked state.


Recover photos before Formatting SD card

SD Card Error When you unluckily come across this case, firstly, stop any further operation of your digital camera, such as, taking new pictures, deleting photos, formatting SD card, etc. Then connect the digital camera to PC to see whether it can be detected as a drive letter in "My Computer" or not, if it is, you can use Card Data Recovery to help you scan the SD card and recover the lost photos. If not, a SD card reader is needed. After getting back your precious photos, you can format the SD card or continue to use it, just as you like.

Recover photos after formatting SD card

If you don't care about any pictures on the SD card, you could try formatting it using the camera menu. Go to Applications-Utilities-Disk Utility and hopefully you'll see your SD card in there. Then format it to whatever format seems best. If the camera won't even do that, you could try formatting it to FAT in Windows (However, it is not recommended because the camera may be able to read it no longer after format the SD card in Windows). Fortunately, there still have choices to get back photos from formatted SD card. Card Data Recovery can retrieve photos from formatted SD card easily. It performs file signature search algorithm to help you scan the card and it plays read-only operation on the SD card and does not change any data in it.

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