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Recover Data from Broken USB Drive

[Solved] How to Recover Data from Broken USB Drive

Oct. 17, 2017 10:24 am / Posted by Bobby Hills to Card Tips
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When your USB drive get broken or corrupted, what will you do? For most of the users, they may choose to give up the broken USB and get a new one. However, if you have stored important files in the USB, do you know how to save your USB stick? In the following content, we will introduce you the most effective method to help you retrieve data from corrupted USB/broken USB, just follow us.

How to Fix a Broken USB Drive with Software

Using a recovery software can be the most directly way to recover data from your broken USB drive and this method can save you a lot time. And here we recommend you to have a try by using Card Data Recovery, this software provides an easy and quick data recovery from various memory cards including a broken USB drive.

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After you read this article, you then may know how to get files from damaged USB stick. But for a part of users who find their USB cannot be read by computer, most of the software cannot help to fix, users can get help from professional situation.

Hope all of you can successfully repair broken USB drive after read this article, and we suggest you regularly transfer important files to other place like Cloud to keep data safe.

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