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My USB Flash Drive Shows 0 Bytes, How to Fix It?

My USB Flash Drive Shows 0 Bytes, How to Fix It?

Feb. 11, 2016 11:27 am / Posted by Bobby Hills to Card Tips
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usb drive showing 0 bytes

"Whenever I'm plugging my 8 GB USB drive and then I try to open it. But it shows a pop up window which is saying to format. When I click on format it says 'WINDOWS WAS UNABLE TO COMPLETE FORMAT' and it is also showing 0 bytes. Need to recover my files desperately. Please give me any solution."


Insert your USB drive into your PC and click on it but get the following error message "Please insert a disk into drive X"; worse still, the drive properties show 0 bytes used 0 bytes? The easiest way to fix USB flash drive shows 0 bytes issue is to format it. However, attempting to format the drive returns the warning: "there is no disk in drive X. Insert a disk, and then try again." It really triggers a mini heart-attack for you since there are so many important data you stored on it.

Luckily, although USB flash drive shows 0 byte, the data still remains on the original space on the USB flash drive. A data recovery program like Card Data Recovery can recover the files from the unreadable USB.

How to Recover Data When Your USB Flash Drive Shows 0 Bytes?

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How to Fix USB Flash Drive Shows 0 Bytes Issue?

After getting your lost data back, now we will discuss how to fix your broken USB drive. Since the solutions will vary with different brands, below we take SanDisk for example. Other manufacturers will have similar solutions.

That's all for how to fix and recover data when your USB drive suddenly shows 0 bytes and become unreadable. Hope it helps you out.

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