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SDHC Card Recovery

How to Recover Pictures and Videos from SDHC Card?

Aug. 16, 2013 2:32 pm / Updated by Bobby Hills to Card Tips
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What's SDHC card?

SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) is an extension of the SD standard which increases card's storage capacity up to 32 GB. Its family includes SDHC, miniSDHC and microSDHC, and they have a capacity of 4GB to 32GB. It is FAT32 file system. SDHC cards share the same physical and electrical form factor as older cards, allowing SDHC devices to support both newer SDHC cards and older SD cards. For its huge storage ability, SDHC card was widely used to store music, video, photos as well as documents for all kinds of devices, such as digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, and portable computers. Famous SDHC card brands including SanDisk, Kingston, A-Data, Transcend, etc.

Although it offers convenience for us, there are lees to every wine.  Sometimes, we lost data due to bad luck. If that happens, we need to recover SDHC card. Before recovering SDHC, let's first analyze why we lost data in SDHC card.

Causes Lead to Pictures and Video Loss in SDHC Card

Pictures and video loss can be caused by various reason, the following are some typical ones:

How to recover SDHC Card Data?

Every SDHC card contains a memory chip within the card. If the chip was intact, you are lucky, the data in your SDHC card should be still there and you can recover SDHC. If not, there is no way to rescue. You can send the card to a reputable expert to help you get back pictures and video from SDHC card or just purchase SDHC card recovery software like Card Data Recovery to retrieve data by yourself. Here are steps about how to use SDHC card data recovery to help you recover pictures and video.

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