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Care and Properly Use Memory Cards

Top 6 Tips of Taking Care of Memory Cards You Must Know

Sept. 13, 2012 5:29 pm / Posted by Bobby Hills to Card Tips
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These days, digital cameras are prevailing. Memory cards play a critical role in photography, holding your digital photos until you can get them onto your PC for more permanent storage.

Here is some tips you can find on how to care and properly use your memory cards:

Stop Shooting If Encountered Problem

In the event where you accidentally delete your photos from your memory card or a card error message appeared, stop using the memory card. You still have chances to recover photos with a card data recovery tool. However, if you keep on shooting photos after you find the problem, the chances will get less.

Delete Images on your Computer not in Camera

It is not a smart idea to discard unwanted photos from memory card by using the Delete button in Camera. Firstly, it will take precious battery life to review and deleted photo from your camera. I think you prefer shooting more photos than deleting a few photos. Secondly, the LCD is so small – the brightness and color is inaccurate. You would rather to view the photos on computer's monitor to make a decision to delete or not. Thirdly, here's the risk of accidentally deleting a photo you want when handling the awkward controls of your camera.

Eject Cards Safely When Connected to Your Computer

Eject your cards properly by following the correct procedure of removing the card reader. On Mac computer, right click the drive assigned to your card and hit "Eject". On Windows computer, use Safely Remove Hardware"option in your system tray.

Regularly Reformat Cards

After you copied your photos from your memory card to your computer, you can proceed to clean up your memory card. Of course, you can open your memory card in Windows Explorer and press "Delete"key. Formatting the card clears out digital debris that builds up on your card, and this way improves performance. But don't format the card using Windows, since your camera may not be able to read a Windows-formatted memory card. What you can do is by formatting the card using the format function in your camera.

Switch Your Camera Off before Removing Memory Card

Turn off your camera before your remove your memory card in case of cameras give cards "voltage shock"on removal of the card. Camera manufacturers seem to have fixed this issue, but it is safer to do so.

Common Sense Maintenance

Don't expose memory card to extreme temperature, don't drop, bend, puncture, and don't pose them directly to h3 electro/magnetic currents. Storing cards that are not in use in a plastic casing can protect them well.

Bonus Tips:

If you inadvertently deleted photos, videos or other files on your memory card, or lost media files from memory card that is formatted, damaged, corrupted, you can try Card Data Recovery for Windows or Card Data Recovery for Mac to get lost files back.

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