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Top 3 SDHC Card Recovery Tools 2017

Top 3 SDHC Card Recovery Tools 2017

July 04, 2017 11:27 am / Posted by Bobby Hills to Card Tips
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What will you do when find the data in your SDHC card cannot be read? Will you throw this SDHC card or get it recovered? If you are troubled by this kind of corrupted SDHC card, this article then may help you out. We will introduce you the best 3 SDHC card recovery software in 2017. Now let's have a look.

sdhc card recovery

What is SDHC Card?

SDHC is named as Secure Digital High Capcity, which means a SD card has storage over 2GB is called SDHC card. The early SD card use the system of FAT16, and this system limited the storage. For SDHC card, it use the latest FAT32 system which support over 2GB storage.

For users who are using this kind of high capcity memory card, there must be lot of things have been saved in it. To get your lost files back, you then may need to pick the one from the following software for help.

Top 1: Card Data Recovery

It is the world's best card data recovery software which can help you easily recover lost SDHC card files and data. Card Data Recovery support all kinds of file types, which including photos, videos, music, PDF, rar, zip etc.

Free Download Card Data Recovery:
Download Win Download Mac

After download the software, you then need to run the program and you will see the interface below. Connect your SDHC card with computer, and click "Start".

connect your device

There would be two modes for you to recover files deleted from SDHC card, choose one you like and click "Scan". (Standard Mode will show you options as files types, and Advanced Mode allows you to choose the specific file formats.)

scan sdhc card

When the program is scanning your SDHC card, you are allowed to preview the files, and you can also choose to pause or stop the scanning if you have already found your wanted files.

preview during scanning

Choose your target files and click "Recover" on the lower right corner. Browse your preferred path and save the file. That's really easy to use Card Daata Recovery to recover lost SDHC card files and data.

Top 2: Recuva

It is a free SDHC recovery tool developed by Piriform and can help to recover data not only from memory card but also other devices. However, the free version now still have lots of limitation like commericial features. But you can still have a try.

recuva free

You can get this software refer to :

Top 3: iCare Data Recovery

Actually, this iCare Data Recovery is basically used for recover computer files, but it can also be used to recover SDHC card data. If you have tried this software before, use it can a SDHC card data recovery tool can be a good choice.

 icare data recovery

But users should notice that this software don't provide a Mac version, if you have a Mac in hand and want to use it recover SDHC card data, maybe you should try other software.

That's all about software for SDHC recovery after format, crash or other accidents. Next time you meet such card data lost situation, don't forget this article, you will sure be benefit from it.

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