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Seagate releases 5mm Laptop Ultrathin HDD

Seagate releases 5mm 500 GB Laptop Ultrathin HDD

Jan. 27, 2013 4:21 pm / Posted by Bobby Hills to News
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Seagate 5mm Laptop Ultrathin HDD

After Western Digital released its WD Blue, Seagate has stepped up its pace in researching similar hard drive to avoid lagging behind in the market. On May 3rd, 2013, Seagate Laptop Ultrathin hard disk drive (HDD) is reported to be shipped to Seagate's OEM partners. AUSUS and Dell have decided to choose this Seagate 5mm HDD for their new models.

Ultrathin and ultra-light for More Applications

The Seagate Ultrathin HDD is ultra-thin and ultra-light, just 5mm thin and 3.3 OZ weight. To make it more clear, the drive is as thin as four credit cards stacked on top of each other and lighter than a deck of cards. It means that the ultrathin hard drive can be used in more applications, including notebooks and tablets. Thin as it is, it has uncompromised storage capacity up to 500 GB and it accommodates additional designed-in features such as longer-life batteries and better air circulation at a reasonable price of about $89.

Seagate Ultrathin HDD

More convenient with standard SATA connector

WD Blue requires an adapter or special cable thus making it hard to be widely used. Based on this, Seagate 500GB ultrathin HDD offers an industry standard SATA connector and a 6GB/s SATA interface for fast data transfer rates and more convenient usage. It will likely be a win point of Seagate for its standard SATA because it means this Seagate new 5mm Ultrathin HDD can be used anywhere current 2.5-inch hard drives are used .

Using steel to make it stiff enough

Seagate new ultrathin HDD is made of steel instead of standard aluminum in its base plate and cover, making it sturdier. Besides, Seagate has made the base plate ridged against shock.

Data Recovery Solution for Seagate 5mm Laptop HDD

Seagate 5mm Laptop Ultrathin HDD, as a device that is used to store large amounts of data in a computer system, can retain the data even the computer is powered off. Generally, the data in hard drive was not easy to lose unless you delete it, format the Hard disk or hard drive spoilt. Of course, the data in hard drive may become inaccessible if virus attacks your system or hard drive was mechanical damaged. In this case, card data recovery is useful to recover your damaged data.

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