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Smart Guide to Memory Card

Smart Guide to Memory Card

Nov. 30, 2012 6:54 am / Posted by Bobby Hills to Card Tips
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What is Memory Card?

Memory card, also called flash card, is an electronic flash memory data storage device used for storing digital information such as photos, music, movies, games, documents, programs and more. It is small, re-recordable, and able to retain data without power.

What Types of Device Need Memory Card?

Memory cards first took off as the storage medium of choice on camera. Now, memory cards are commonly used in mobile phone, camcorder to store data like photos, music and videos. Memory card are also used in other consumer electronic devices like televisions, portable game devices, printers, DVD recorders and more.

While you can swap cards from one device to another, you should remember different devices take different types of memory cards.

What are Differences among Memory Card Available?

There are several different types of memory cards and it's important to figure out the difference between them so that you can choose the right one for your device. Here is comparison of memory cards.

Card family Standards organizations Picture Main features
Secure Digital (SD)including Mini/Micro SD Panasonic, SanDisk, Toshiba, Kodak Be used in many small portable devices such as digital video camcorders, digital cameras, handheld computers, audio players and mobile phones.
Memory Stick Sony/SanDisk A proprietary format developed by Sony and as a result is found mainly in Sony devices.
CompactFlash SanDisk Be used in higher-end Digital SLR cameras.
xD Picture Card Olympus, Fujifilm A proprietary format developed by Fujifilm and Olympus.
MultiMediaCard Siemens AG, SanDisk Anything which accepts an SD card can also use MMC cards, however, anything which only supports MMC cannot use SD cards.
SmartMedia Toshiba An obsolete format can be still sought after by users of older devices which cannot use memory cards larger than 128MB.

Smart Tips for Memory Card

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